2018 -19 Swimming Coach

Position: Coach/Sponsor To Whom Responsible: Building administrator, activities director, head coach or sponsor if applicable. For Whom Responsible: Students associated with activity. Qualifications: Degree - Minimum of Bachelor's degree.
Certificate - Valid Missouri teaching certificate. Preferred Experience: Employment as a certificated staff member in the district; personal participation in activity area; training and experience in activity area. Primary Responsibilities: To provide a quality activity program for the co-curricular benefit of the students; To model skills, participation, and leadership for the students; To supervise a safe environment for the activity.
Knows the skills, techniques, and methods of the activity.
Teaches with current methods for the skills of each activity.
Prepares students for activities including considerations of fitness, health, equipment and training.
Instructs and enforces activity rules and eligibility standards from appropriate governing agencies for student and team participation.
Implements a fair, effective method of team selection.
Teaches and models positive elements of sportsmanship.
Assesses individual and team performance.
Exhibits interest and enthusiasm for students and activity area.
Plans effectively for practices and events.
Manages facilities, equipment, and support services for activity.
Supervises practices and events.
Maintains current records, including inventory.
Follows district policies for budgeting and purchasing.
Evaluates activity personnel, when applicable.
Communicates activity goals and requirements to students and staff in all district buildings.
Demonstrates positive interpersonal relationships with students.
Demonstrates positive interpersonal relationships with staff, both in-district and out-of- district.
Demonstrates positive interpersonal relationships with administrators.
Demonstrates positive interpersonal relationships with parents/community.
Demonstrates positive interpersonal relationships with media representatives.
Implements the policies and procedures of the program and district.
Participates in professional growth activities.
Demonstrates understanding of the legal aspects of activity supervision.
Demonstrates a sense of professional responsibility.
Conducts self at all times as a representative of the school and assists in establishing and maintaining good relationships with the community and other school districts.
Completes duties and responsibilities as assigned by district administrators or the activities director.
A coach or sponsor is employed for an activity as an extra duty beyond the regular teaching contract assignment. Term of the activity is for the contracted school year, with actual practices and participation established by the school activity calendar schedule. Compensation is according to the rates for each activity assignment as established annually by the Board of Education. Contractual extra duty compensation is subject to all regular withholdings as the salary of the individual; any vacation duties may be subject to specified daily rates and FICA.
Performance of this position will be evaluated annually according to board policies and the Warrensburg R-VI adopted model of Coach's Evaluation for coaching personnel.
Complete online application process at: http://warrensburgr6.org
Warrensburg R-VI Schools
P.O. Box 638
Warrensburg, Missouri 64093
The Warrensburg R-VI District is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate or deny services on the basis of age, ancestry, color, disability, handicapping condition, marital status, national origin, parental status, race, religion, participation in constitutionally protected activities, or veteran status. Any questions regarding Title IX, Section 504, the Family Medical and Leave Act, or the Americans with Disabilities Act should be directed to an assistant superintendent of the Warrensburg district at the above address and telephone number. If special needs exist as addressed in the Americans with Disabilities Act which require this publication in an alternative format, the district may be contacted at the above address. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate these special needs.

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